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Dr. Uwe Maennl, MD PhD MBA

Dr. Uwe Maennl is the founder and President of InterVigilance LLC. He has more than 30 years of combined medical, drug safety and senior management experience, gained from clinical practice, research, and senior global positions in the Pharmaceutical and life sciences services industries.  Most recently, Dr. Maennl was developing and leading one of the world's largest integrated drug safety organizations in the CRO sector.

Dr. Maennl has a distinct track record in strategic planning and leadership, innovation, operations management and transformation of safety organizations. He is a visionary, customer and patient-centric strategist in Drug Safety and Risk Management, implementing new service lines and successfully growing market share in global organizations.

Dr. Maennl uses insights gained from working with hundreds of biopharmaceutical organizations across the US, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Japan to develop innovative safety management strategies redefining the role of safety in corporations. His innovative thinking developed advanced safety technology concepts and solutions which are considered to be industry leading.

Dr. Maennl is a recognized team-builder and motivational leader, building and managing cross-cultural teams through change to become industry leading safety groups.

Dr. Maennl holds MD and PhD degrees in Medical Sciences, and a MBA  in International Management.

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