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Since Companies are not created equal...


Taking Drug Safety Organizations to the Next Level 


The Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance paradigm has shifted over the last decade: originally mainly a compliance-driven task, Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance rapidly evolved into the arguably single most important function determining success for biopharmaceutical companies during all phases of the product lifecycle. 

Modern safety management needs to embed safety management strategy into corporate strategies, and transform historically developed organizations into a proactively designed and executed value adding franchise competent across a multitude of stakeholders. 

Today, successful safety management will move beyond compliance by committing to novel ways of managing, organizing and optimizing safety operations. Reducing safety risks requires integrated processes, advanced technology, and effective management of safety value throughout the enterprise. 

InterVigilance, based on our global experience of developing, optimizing, implementing and operating successful safety strategies and organizations, is positioned to become your partner on your journey to safety success. 

Whether for crisis management or enterprise-wide safety strategy, life-science companies of all sizes will benefit from partnering with InterVigilance.


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​​​"We don't tell you that you have a problem, we solve it with you!"​

Uwe Maennl, Founder Intervigilance LLC

A New Approch

to Drug Safety Management.

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